1.     Do you keep my artwork on file?  Yes, we archive very art job that we do for our clients.  This means that once we have your logo on file, it is usually not necessary for you to send it again. We can usually make minor revisions or add text at o charge.

2.     What if I cannot get the artwork to you in the correct format?  Send what you have and we will evaluate and let you know what needs to be done to your artwork to ensure that you get a quality imprint or image on your product.  Often we can recreate your logo quickly with little or no charge.  However, if your logo is complex or needs to be generated from scratch, we may have to charge a fee for our graphic artist to make the required changes. Typically we charge $40 per hour for his time.  Your newly designed artwork will be sent to you in vector format for approval and also so you can use it for other projects.

3.     What if I do not have artwork?  We have an amazing graphic artist who is available to create a design or a logo for you.  Our standard art fee is $40 per hour.

4.     What is PMS color matching and why does my artwork spec have PMS numbers next to the color boxes?  PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.  It is the standard color matching system that allows printers to choose a color that matches the one you want without leaving it up to an individual’s subjectivity.  Each color in the Pantone chart corresponds to a particular number so that if you say your logo is royal blue, we can pick an accurate blue to recreate.

5.     What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery?  Screen-printing involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen and onto the surface of a product.  Embroidery involves stitching a design into fabric using high-speed computer controlled sewing machines.  The method use to embellish your product will depend on the garment or the product you purchase.  Before a logo or design can be embroidered, it must be digitized.  This is a technical term used to describe the process involved in programming the embroidery machine to stitch the design accurately.

6.     What kind of art can I use for my design?  Digital Files are the preferred method. Adobe Illustrator files (vector art with paths) in an AI or EPS format with all fonts converted to outlines.  We will accept vector puffs also.  JPEG/GIF/Bitmap images that you have dragged off a website or images someone has given you in a low resolution format do not produce a high quality or crisp image.  We usually have to recreate these images from scratch.  Please do not take a small size, low-resolution image and change the file name to a  ".esp" extension.  This does not change the file type and does not help.

7.     What is the difference between vector and raster art?  This is by far the most asked question.  Raster images are also called bitmaps and are composed of pixels.  A bitmap image uses a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be a different color or shade – like a photograph.  The following file types are RASTER-based   .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp.  These do not produce clear sharp images for embellishment.  Vector graphics are composed of paths.  Vector graphics use mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them to describe and image. The following files types are VECTOR-based .ai, .cdr, .eps, .pdf, .ps, .wmf.  These make the best images for embellishment.

8.     Where should I send my artwork?  You can e-mail your artwork to steve@dbackpromotions.com.  Please call 210-744-7459 with questions.  If you are not sure what to send, please call and ask.

9.     I cannot find what I am looking for.  Do you have other items not listed on your website?  ABSOLUTELY! We have over a million promotional products available as well as all types of apparel and printed items.  It is nearly impossible to list them all on the website.  Please call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members who will research the item you are looking for and find the best price possible for you.

10.  Are there a minimum number of items that I have to order?  The minimum number depends on the type of product you are purchasing.  If you are ordering custom T-shirts, embroidered apparel or even caps, we have a 12 piece minimum.  All of the other products have the minimums listed with the description of the products.  There are quantity price breaks at 24, 72, 144, 288, 500, and 1000 pieces on decorated apparel.

11.  What is the minimum quantity that I can order of a particular item with my logo?  Minimum quantities are listed as the starting pricing column.  However, sometimes manufacturers will have an Absolute Minimum quantity of one half the listed quantity.  This minimum usually requires a “less than minimum” charge, which varies in amount from manufacturer to manufacturer.

12.  What happens after I place my order?  Once we receive your artwork and our art department has set up your proof, you will receive an e-mail or fax containing your order Confirmation and Virtual Art Proof.  You must review the art proof and approve the order and the artwork in order to get production started.  If we have any questions or need other information from you, we will contact you immediately.  We will keep you informed throughout the process of the status of your order.

13.  What if I have a RUSH order?  Need it now?  We have many products that can be available to ship within 24 hours.  However, we still must either already have or create the proper artwork and then there may be expedited freight charges to meet your “in-hands” date.  Call us today and speak with one of our sales team who will send your RUSH order to the top of our “to do” list and get it delivered to you ASAP.

14.  How can I get credit terms?  Can you bill me?  We offer open account status to qualified clients.  Please note that it takes up to 10 days to process credit requests.  If you need your items in a hurry, you may prefer to pay be credit card, which is always acceptable.

15.  How can I pay for my order? Due to the permanent nature of producing custom products, all first time orders must be paid for before shipping.  You can pay by credit card (Visa/MC/AmEx), company check or any other standard, legally-recognized form of payment.  Large organizations and Government Purchasers may use corporate purchasing cards or set up an account.  A 3% service fee will be added to credit card orders under $500.

16.  When do you charge my credit card?  We charge your credit card only after your ordered items are confirmed in stock as well as your shipping fees properly calculated.  We will send you the final invoice and get your approval before any fees are charged to your account.

17.  Can I order a sample before I purchase a product?  Absolutely!  However, we reserve the right to inquire about sample requests and will refuse to accommodate any request we feel is abusive.  Our standard policy is that we do not charge for samples under $8 if you provide us with your shipping account number.  Otherwise, we may choose to charge you for samples.  As for apparel samples, if you request samples for sizing and they are not returned within 10 business days, we automatically charge you for the full amount of the samples, plus freight.

18.  What if I receive more or less than I order?  Because the factories produce items in bulk, they always try to run a few extra pieces in case there are quality issues. Depending on the item you order, the quantity can vary from 5% to 10% over or under.  We make every effort to meet your quantity exactly, but overruns are billable unless prior arrangements have been made.  This is a standard practice in our industry.  Arrangements can be made prior to production to adjust this policy and may require an additional charge.

19.  What if I receive my order and am not happy?  Is there a guarantee?  We do everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders.  We strive to get it right the first time.  Before we begin production of your order, you must sign off on a complete Order Confirmation and Digital color art-proof.  We strive to ship your order exactly as you approved on your order confirmation and Art Spec and to ensure that it will arrive on-time and error-free.  In the event that your order is incorrect, we will replace the goods and do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and your experience.  We have a solid reputation for service and quality and take customer satisfaction very seriously.  Please keep in mind that we will be happy to send you a sample and encourage you to take advantage of this offer whenever possible.

20.  What are set-up charges?  Custom imprinting your logo on an item requires printing plates, film, setting up the engraving laser or embroidery tape charges (just to name a few).  These costs are independent of the actual costs of imprinting and are set out under the “Set-Up” section of your Order Confirmation.  Although these are one-time costs, for certain items there are re-setup charges, which will also be noted separately.  Occasionally, there are no set-up charges, depending on the product.

21.  Can I ship with my own FedEx or UPS account number?  Of course, just provide your 3rd party billing account number during the Order Confirmation process and we will take care of it for you.  Large corporation or schools may get better rates based on their volume.

22.  How do you ship my items?  We prefer to ship via FedEx.  The shipping method is determined by your required “in-hands” date, location of your destination, time-frame, and cost factors.  Shipping is charged at prevailing freight rates by carrier and we can ship on your account if you would like.  If freight charges are not specified on your order Confirmation, we will bill your freight post-shipment and may show up as a separate charge on your credit card.  Our standard freight method is FedEx ground, unless otherwise designated.  We are happy to provide freight estimates.

23. Do I have to pay sales tax? Diamondback is a Texas-based corporation.  Therefore, clients who have their products shipped to locations within Texas must pay applicable sales tax.  All churches, schools, government, and non-profit organizations are exempt from taxation.  Tax exempt documentation must be provided.


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